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Safety Follow-up Dummy 

creates the missing link 

For the first time ever, it is possible to close the gap between a wrecked car and the occupant or occupants. The 
Safety Follow-up Dummy, SFD, is adjustable in length and width. In contrast to all other dummies it can mimic 
one specific personís size, thus making it easier to establish in greater detail what occured and visualize how it 
looked in a certain vehicle during a real life impact.  

The SFD, invented by former crash investigator Sverker Dahl, Sweden, is designed to be easy to operate and will 
be supported by a software system suitable for both in depth analysis of a single crash or, used systematically, for 
following up many crashes to find possible patterns in the relations between the victims and the vehicles.  

For obvious reasons a victim is never repostioned in the vehicle he or she was injured or killed in. That ethical 
circumstance many times makes it hard for professional crash investigators to find the real reason for a certain 
injury or ceratin injuries and it makes it almost impossible for a layperson, for example a judge or juror, to 
understand the origin of an injury. 

SFD makes it easier to understand what happened  

The SFD:s spine, upper and lower arms and legs are adjustable in length and the shoulder, hip and cheast areas 
are adjustable in width. All joints have a range of movement similar to thoose of a human being. The dummy is 
light weight, easy to use and offers the possibility to be placed in the wreck either as a whole structure or part by 
part. The dummy can be disassembled in order to be stored or carried in a box or case. 

These unique characteristics combined with the victims specified injuries makes the investigation easier. Used on 
a large number of cases SFD will be able to detect for example the differences in injury panorama between short 
and tall occupants. It also makes it possible for persons with limited knowledge about vehicle crashes to better 
understand what really happened in the actual impact.  
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